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What do I need to bring when I visit Joost Baakman BV for the first time?
We are not open to private customers. So when you visit for the first time, bring your Chamber of Commerce registration and your passport or identity card with you.
What are the payment options?
You can pay in cash or credit/debit card.
Can I buy products from Joost Baakman BV as a private customer?
No, unfortunately not.
All prices include VAT.
Why can’t I register?
You can register if you are a customer of Joost Baakman BV. You will then have access to our complete collection! To register, please visit one of our sales halls.
Do you send ordered items too?
Shipments and Dropshipping are possible. Login for the possibilities.
I can’t find something.
That's because the website only those products are visible which are actually in stock.
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